Automate your Warehousing Processes

PHARMISION WOMS is a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant pharma warehouse automation solution that takes a unique application-driven approach to capture data at every stage of warehouse operations. It ensures sequence control in workflow and keeps stakeholders informed of all stages in the form of reports and logs.

It covers all aspects of operations from gate-entry of raw materials to their dispatch, thus allowing you to achieve warehouse automation while staying up-to-date with crucial warehouse activities.


The Warehousing Process

Developed under Good Automated Manufacturing Practice Guidelines (GAMP), complying with CSV regulations that meet validation, verification, and qualification requirements, PHARMISION WOMS enables complete digital identification of materials and equipment with date & time stamps, recording of activities, users and controlling sequence.


Key Capabilities

PHARMISION WOMS enables you to streamline workflows, improve traceability, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs to the company while boosting customer satisfaction. It simplifies warehouse processes and ensures sequence control while keeping all stakeholders abreast of crucial events through real-time alerts and notifications.

Single Label Concept

Leverage a single label across different stages to eliminate the need for multiple labels and minimize effort.

Real-time Dashboards

Intuitive dashboards based on real-time data generate intelligent reports, and critical alerts that ensure competitive advantage and prompt decision-making.

Sequential Control

A completely system-driven solution to ensure proper workflow sequence and eliminate any deviations.

Weighing scale calibration

Ensure adherence the o calibration schedule and electronically capture all data relevant to the process.

Aligned with your Business Objectives

Your Benefits - The WOMS edge

Designed by our panel of experts with decades of industry experience, this solution is robust, modular, and scalable. Equipped with an intuitive dashboard that displays incisive reports further enables business owners to make better decisions.

  • Keep a track of your material from receipt to dispensing with customizable real-time alerts to all stakeholders. Every receiving unit per batch is uniquely identified, paving the way for complete traceability.
  • Electronic process based on FEFO / FIFO for distribution process optimization and reduced waste generation of finished products.
  • Access all information on any mobile devices, on the spot and the go, and further simplify remote Audits.
  • Easy integration with your ERP systems using standard connectors and APIs, enabling two-way data exchange.
  • Maintain all activity logs electronically across each stage of warehousing. Know more about our eLog Solution.


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Cipla Achieves Regulatory Compliance & Data Integrity

Pharmision WOMS successfully deployed across warehousing and wanufacturing operations, to achieve regulatory compliance and data integrity

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