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eLog Management Solution

eLog Management Solution digitizes your area and equipment logs, enabling you to verify or review them online. It is a flexible tool that allows you to configure and create logs to suit your SOPs. It is a robust, scalable solution that takes care of compliance risks and ensures that your valuable data is secure and easily accessible. This solution is carefully designed in accordance with stringent regulations and helps you maintain an audit trail effortlessly.

It helps you capture data and details of the batch, people involved, and time of activity from an area/equipment as and when it happens, giving you complete control of your records and logs. It is a stand-alone offering that can be integrated with your existing WMS seamlessly, making it economical and convenient to adopt.

Our solution helps you organize your data and presents it to you in the form of reports that are easy to comprehend. It enables you to store and preserve your logs, which can be searched and retrieved at any time, helping during audits. You can also customize the solution to send prompts in the form of alerts and notifications for scheduled activities and deviations if any.



eLog Management Solution is a carefully designed software to address your business needs. It allows you to cut down on costs incurred in printing, storing, and retaining documents and makes managing your audit easy. This solution enables you to store data securely, accessing it any time you wish to. It helps you become more sustainable by completely eliminating the use of paper.


Stand-alone Solution

Easily add-on to existing software infrastructure across warehousing and manufacturing


Customizable Formats

Log formats tailored to your specific business needs


Seamless Integration

With ERPs like SAP, and Oracle to pull real-time data


Alerts & Notifications

Configure customized prompts, alerts, and notifications


Aligned with your business Objectives

  • E logs Digitized, Tamper-proof Logs
  • Pharma Management Software Quick and Remote Access
  • Pharmaceutical Software Solutions 21 CFR Part 11 & GMP Compliant

eLog Edge

eLog Management Solution is designed by our panel of experts with years of experience in solving industry problems. It is a robust, flexible, and scalable solution that comes equipped with an intuitive dashboard and is designed for easy adoption.

  • Data Integrity
  • Capture accurate data for batches, people involved, and time of activity from an area/equipment
  • Validate all data as they are entered in real-time, eliminating the scope for errors
  • Access any log remotely, retrieve it with the click of a button, simplify remote audits


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Cipla Achieves Regulatory Compliance & Data Integrity

across it's Warehousing and Manufacturing operations

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