As guardians of human health and life, research and innovation are the non-negotiables for pharma professionals. More than anything else, pharmaceutical companies who tirelessly keep transitioning from one process to another have realized that they need to elevate collaboration between people, equipment, and tech.

Organizations have realized the importance of knowing when they can and they need to produce various drugs, the need for timely delivery, and the urgency of being present whenever there are patient needs. This is accomplished by maintaining a strong network of distribution to establish their brand value and equity.

What automation will mean then

Old school processes require extensive manual intervention from workers and employees. Automation helps eliminate this need and increase quality levels of the output for continuous manufacturing – that is fast spreading across key players for its ability to produce medicines in an end-to-end manner in a single production line. In other words, automation will help reinvent and reimagine how organizations can manufacture medicines with optimized capabilities and how much they can scale while being in line with all regulatory compliances from start to finish!

Digital Transformation – a step ahead

While covid continues to drive uncertainty across the globe, it will also continue to drive digital transformation across industries, particularly the pharma industry, to rethink old methods, and now, more than ever.
However, it is also important to note, there is a small but significant difference between automation and digital transformation. While automation can make manual processes more effective and operations efficient based on various technologies, digitization will mean making sense of all the data collected through automation. This will also provide for intelligence and value through the insight that the data will allow one to create. And this will be pivotal for the industry in the times to come.

Our vision – The Pursuit of excellence

Having worked in the technology domain that too primarily involved with pharma manufacturing companies, for over 2 decades, it’s safe to say that an industry like this needs a solution that is agile, resilient, and robust. Digital transformation is the path that lies ahead and it seems the only way to growth and success.

It is time to break the traditional shackles of manual processes and accommodate concepts that shall pave the way to using the powers of emerging technologies like AI, robotics, deep tech, and prediction capabilities.

While pharma is discovering the capability of technologies today, to create the efficiency and flexibility needed to navigate uncertainty, combining this technology with the right mindset will enable the industry to progress further with new vigor and thrive in the digital world that awaits!